Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Parties

We have a choice between Halloween parties on Friday, Sept. 4 and Monday, Sept. 7 (Labor Day). The Friday one fits our schedule much better. But how much more crowded can we expect Friday to be?

I have gone to that a Friday party a couple of times and I didn’t think the crowds were a problem.

Last year, TP predicted the Friday one to be less crowded than the Monday one, for Labor Day weekend, but not by much. Friday was #6 least crowded, Monday #9 out of 36. I don’t know how they actually turned out. The parks ended up 1’s, with hurricane weather concerns and SWGE opening.

Honestly, we arrive on Sept. 1, and I wish I felt confident enough in the airline industry to use that night for the Halloween party. But that also has the downside of starting our vacation off very tired!