Mickeys Not So Scary and Very Merry Partry Tickets ON SALE

Just a heads up that tickets are now on sale for anyone who has been waiting like we have been.


Just got our tickets for Oct 31!!! So excited!


Me too! Hurt my wallet, but I’m so looking forward to being there on Halloween!

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lol I’m glad I’m not the only one who was crying as I typed in my credit card number.

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Full on tears :joy::sob:

Went last year on 10/16 and it was packed, but still saw the Hocus Pocus Villains Spectacular x3 and had great spots for the parade. Plus we wrapped up the night on Space, Pirates, and HM, and scored lots of candy pre-close. I know crowds will be bad, but I’m also thinking price may be a deterrent. It almost was for me

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So, you pay all that extra money and it’s still “packed”? Forget that!

That is my thoughts as a newbie. Is it worth the $$ being packed?

I think the answer is definitely “it depends”. Packed is relative - we did a Xmas party & there were more people than I expected, but less than a normal day at MK. No FP also means that standby lines flow much better - the continuous loaders is where you really notice a difference as you never stop in line. Plus a lot of people are meeting characters, watching the parade or fireworks so lines aren’t that bad for rides. And of course it depends do you want to take advantage of meeting the unique characters you can only see at a party? Watching a special parade that you can’t see any other time? Or special fireworks?

I will say watching the fireworks in the hub was far less crowded on a party day than a normal day. I would likely do it again during a normal vacation and if you were just in Orlando w/o WDW tix already, it’s a great deal…YMMV of course as it’s not a cheap add-on to an already expensive vacation.


I can’t find on the Disney website the “you can enter the parks at 4pm” rule. Is that definitely the case? Before I buy the Xmas tix.

4PM is definitely the case in all past years. I have not heard any hints of rumors they were considering changing that for parties this year…

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agreed with @Damavs - packed is relative. I stayed in and around the hub for the shows/parades so I was in people city, but many attractions had shorter lines and the far reaches of the park were pretty empty. Plus the later you stay the less crowded it gets.


yup im crying over here too. 411 dollars uggg. this may be the last time we go since we have an under three and the others will be ten soon and the prices will just keep rising. we went four years ago and at night space and splash were walk ons…actually no one else in line. we rode by ourselves on both which was really weird. im sure the kids will sleep through it but thats okay…mommy will enjoy a starbucks watching the parade in peace. we dont see characters we just go to have a full day and to see the fireworks and parade. now to decide which adr to keep a 4:20 or a 5:40 at liberty tree. i know they say not to waste party time but we really dont do the party stuff and if we eat later then we maybe can make it til midnight. allergies make it more difficult too for snacks.

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I need to get in gear with my Disney World trip planning. We are planning on going October 25-31. At the time of the trip by girls will be 6 and 4. Is the Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party worth the money for them?

If your family enjoys the Halloween holiday, I think it’s a great event. Yes, it is crowded but it’s a fun event and really brings out the holiday spirit. You should definitely do some reading about the different activities during the party but I believe it’s worth the money if you have the budget available. However, with your trip being so close to Halloween, you’ll need to purchase tickets sooner than later as those dates tend to sell out faster.

What if you are already in the park before 4:00, do you have to leave and come back

I got my tickets for the Halloween party, we’ll be there in August. While it feels strange celebrating Halloween in August, I’m excited to go to the party. We plan to be back in November and I had the date for a Christmas party picked out but those tix are a bit more expensive- it may wait until the end of the month so I can spread out the cost. A lump sum seems harder to swallow than two medium sums, ya know?

You just need to find a cast member who can scan your MB and give you a party bracelet.

My kids are 8, 6, and 2 and we last went when the two were 4 and 2…they basically slept the whole night. We maybe went to two candy stations and the oldest rode the speedway then I think fell asleep. But we had grandparents with us so we rode some bigger rides with no waits and I got to enjoy some time really paying attention to the parade while they slept. We only have one day at mk so we make it a party day in hopes for lower crowds…that makes it for us but with a third child that isn’t as easy…we will see. All I can say is bring a stroller and hope for the best, at least do it once.

I am always amused when people express shock that prices go up. This year’s increase was exactly $3.00 per ticket over last year for mid-week the week before Halloween - roughly 3%. Halloween itself went up $10.00 - roughly 10% - but that is premium premium time. Neither of these increases are shocking are they? (And don’t forget to figure in the 3 FREE hours Disney allows you - so far, anyway. You are entitled only to 7 -midnight, really.)

Now the jump in prices between 2015 and 2016 were definitely a bit of a shock… the dramatic jump in price, anyway… not the fact that a popular event had a price increase.

Then there is the shock people express that special party-only events are “crowded.” Really? Castle shows, parades and unique character meets are crowded? No way! Why do people expect that the place will be all theirs for those things?

Meanwhile, you can stand in Tomorrowland and feel like it is only you and cast members who are standing there just waiting to help a guest with questions about Space Mountain. Same thing outside Pooh/7DMT. When else does that EVER happen? Not even on a CL1 day.

I guess it is all in what your go for. And before you tell me how low the crowds “used to be,” remember that even in the alleged hey day of early parties, lines and crowds for the special, party-only events were still long and took up a lot of “valuable touring time.”

The only way prices will ever go down is if people stop going. And we all know that’s not happening any time soon.


I think people are more expecting the entire park should feel like a Crowd Level 3-4 and not a level 9. At least I was, anyway. I have to admit, when I went last September, I was surprised at how many people were in the entire park during the party. I wasn’t expecting a ghost town (no pun intended), but it felt like it was the most crowded I had seen the entire week. And yes, I did travel around the entire park and didn’t just keep to the main areas.

But was it unmanageable? No, not even a little bit. All in all, I was also on the fence when I went and it ended up being one of the best nights for me. My advice: if you can swing it in your budget (both time and money), do it. I had a blast and the hours flew by even though I don’t recall doing anything of any real note.