Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration?

Anyone watched this show at the MVMCP before?

I see that the typical schedule of late night events at the party is Holiday Wishes at 10:00, Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration at 10:30, and then the parade at 11:00. I know for sure we want to see Wishes and the parade. We could technically see Wishes from most anywhere though while riding a few more rides.

I’m pondering whether it would be worth it to grab some snacks and find a place to sit where we could stay put and watch all three consecutively. If there is not much to the Merriest Celebration though, we will just keep moving, watch Wishes from wherever, and line up only in time for the parade.

Opinions? We’ve attended the party before but we pretty much focused all our time on attractions since the lines were so short.

We stayed put. We moved maybe 20 feet or so to get a better spot for the fireworks once everyone started to clear out. @Tate is that how you remember it? I think we saw parade first, then stage show, then fireworks though.


Yes, that’s how I remember it. We found a good place to watch the first parade 30/40 mins beforehand and took it in turns to wander, then we moved forward and more central, set out our blanket again so the girls could play. After the fireworks we hung out at a dance party for a while and then called it a night. We were only interested in the party stuff but if you want to do the rides too, then I’d do things differently.


I personally love all of Disney’s stage shows so I would plan to see it. Since you can enter at 4pm on the MVMCP ticket and the park closes at 12, you should have a lot of time to do other stuff.

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Thanks! I think we will. We will have the better part of 2 other days in MK also to enjoy the rides. Looking forward to enjoying the party stuff more this time.