Mickey's Halloween Party

This year will be our first year going to the Halloween party. Any advice on what not to miss?


Do NOT miss the parade or fireworks. Pretty please

Ditto on the Boo To You parade! That is my favorite part of MNSSHP, and it's my favorite Disney parade. smile

Agree on the parade and fireworks - they are great. Last year was our first DLR trip and we loved it! We also really enjoyed the Jack and Sally M&G as well as Jack Sparrow. Getting their autographs at the party put my kids over the moon!

I'm confused. Are you going to WDW or Disneyland?

At WDW do not miss the parade... at DLR feel free to skip that parade. The fireworks are awesome and Zero flies. It's adorable.

Other party things: At Innoventions last year they gave Phineas and Ferb and break and brought out Agent P. Which was so cool. On the Rivers of America the Dapper Dans are all Halloweened out on rafts. I would meet Sally and Jack before the party and ride Haunted Mansion before as well. It can get crazy long lines during the party.

We are going to Disneyland. So excited!