Mickeys Christmas party, which night to go?

I’ve been trying so hard to decide between to Christmas party dates. Debating between 11/28 and Friday 12/1. I was originally thinking Tuesday would be better and less crowded. However the more posts I read on this site the more paranoid I get about the crowds. Everyone seems to going thst night. Am I just going nuts. Probably :flushed:Thoughts. Has anyone gone on Friday or Tuesday night parties to compare crowds ?

Sometimes the first night can have a lot of bloggers but that does not mean they will be doing what you are. Are there discounts available for either party? That may tell you which one is expected t be less crowded (Disney does not discount anything if they think they can sell all the tickets). Last year I went to the first MNSSHP- lots of liners- we had a liner meet. It was a great party.

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There were tons of Liners who went to the first Halloween party last year (which was a Friday), but the actual crowds were very small in general. I’ve actually only experienced very large crowds at the later parties for either one (for instance, the 11/26 Friday party in 2012 was very busy compared to the 9/2 Friday party last year).

IIRC we went to the first Tuesday party in December the last time we did the Christmas party and it was lovely. That’s the one we’re doing this year, as well.

I’m sure last year most of them sold out, so it will make no difference which one you book really. It might have made a difference a few years ago, but I doubt that’s still the case.