Mickey's Christmas Party Ticket

Are ticket holders who don’t purchase the tickets for Mickey’s
Christmas Party allowed to stay in the park but not allowed to ride rides or purchase anything?

No you need to have a MVMCP ticket to be in the park for the event.

How do they clear everyone out of the park?

CMs check for bands and you can be escorted out.

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And while they are not rude about it, they are firm and it would be come - I imagine - so unfun that you’d just go anyway.


Two weeks ago they were calling out, “You need a band! Do you have a band?” And am waving arms in the air. There’s no way not to see that they are working to thin out non-ticket holders.


There will also be a line of CMs across walk ways. They check for bands on every guest. You are also not allowed in the stores or a any of the restaurants at 7. They are very firm and I would say it could be unpleasant.