Mickey's Christmas Party 2019 How are wait lines for rides?

We will be there the week of Thanksgiving. On Sunday there is a Christmas Party. I put into touring plans a test plan if we attended the MVMCP. We would only be going mostly for the rides, if the wait times really are as short as touring plans indicated, it would be well worth the extra expense.

Anyway, how long are the lines for rides? Touring Plans has us doing all the big headliners and a pretty much everything else in 3 hours. How accurate is this? Sounds like wait times for the first few morning hours in the park

Just wondering as the rest of the week MK is rated as all 10s in crowds. Thought this might be a good way to get on a lot of the rides without fast pass stress :slight_smile:

I think this year is going to be difficult to accurately predict. I expect volume to be higher than normal, with SWGE opening, especially with Rise of the Resistance expected to open “late fall”. I would not count on wait times being as low as they have in the past – Disney seems to be selling more and more tickets to parties and after hours event as time goes on, making them less exclusive and bringing attendance more in line with what you might expect during normal operating hours.

This is not to say the party isn’t a fantastic event and experience! We love it! I just would hate for a first timer to go with expectations that may not hold true in this unusual year.

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I went in the week before Christmas last year. It was crazy busy. Like busier than I’ve ever seen in the day time in terms of numbers of people around. Lines were shorter than daytime, but not necessarily short. 7DMT was an hour, I think.

I didn’t particularly care because my agenda was to enjoy the Christmas aspect — the fireworks and parade and the look and feel of the place.

If getting a lot done is on your agenda, you’d be better off with DAH if there is one.


We attended MVMCP last year the week after Thanksgiving. We got in before 4:00. We had 2 FPP to use before 6:00. We managed several other rides without a long wait, but not the headliners. We were there for the party entertainment, parade, fireworks, and merchandise.