Mickey's Backyard BBQ- peanuts on table?

We have reservations for Mickey’s Backyard BBQ with a child with severe peanut allergy. I don’t really ever worry too much about eating at Disney, as they do such a great job of handling food allergies. But I read on an older post on another website that there were peanuts on the tables at the BBQ and now I’m freaking out! Even though my daughter obviously wouldn’t eat them, I don’t think I would want to take her to place where ten million kids are running around with peanut residue on their fingers :slight_smile: Can someone who has been recently please confirm that there are no peanuts on the tables?


Nope. No peanuts. Have been twice.

GREAT!! Thanks so much for your response. That’s all I needed to hear!

You’re welcome.

Disney is very allergy-aware. I would be quite surprised if they ever did this, knowing what a common allergen peanuts are and how severe the reaction can be.

Enjoy the BBQ! It’s one of our favorite memories :slight_smile: