Mickey’s Backyard BBQ, Hoop De Doo Musical Revue or a signature restraunt?

I had planned to do Mickey’s Backyard BBQ over Hoop De Doo at the start of November however I’ve heard mixed reviews and am now thinking of dinner at a signature restraunt instead. There is me, DW, DD14 and DS5 as always your sage advice would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe check out some YouTube videos of them? From what I have gathered, the BBQ is geared more to preschool & elementary aged kids vs HDDR being an all ages kind of thing.


Our family loves HDDR. It’s one of our favorite things in all of WDW. That being said, we’ve never done MBB. Josh over at Easy WDW recently posted a really thorough review with great pics. Very helpful. https://www.easywdw.com/easy/blog/review-mickeys-backyard-bbq-at-disneys-fort-wilderness-resort/

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