Mickey Mouse Gift Cards

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I’ve seen a lot of people who travel with the Disney gift cards. Is this just because of a deal at Sam’s or by using the Target credit card? I’ve managed to roll a substantial amount of change that we will be using for our trip, so we’re going to be putting it on some kind of card. I’m just curious if there’s another benefit to using the Disney gift card. I don’t have a membership to Sam’s and I don’t have a Target credit card.


I also do not have a target credit card. I have the target DEBIT card which is linked to my checking account. So I pay with “cash” and get the 5%off!

I purchased our last set of GCs from BJs because theirs were much cheaper. Only had to spend $10 for an online membership. I think the GCs were 8% off.

Also, it helped us to each have our own card so that we knew exactly what we could spend. I had our dining tips on a separate card. Great way to stay within budget whether the cards were discounted or not.

Thanks to this forum I finally got a Target DEBIT card like @OBNurseNH. I like that I can purchase Disney gift card online. Every time I pay $95 for a $100 card it puts a smile on my face. I will be paying for my meals etc with my cards.
Go to Disneygiftcard.com and set up an account. You use it to combine cards (up to $1000 on one card).

We get ours when the local grocery store has 4xs the fuel points. We can than buy, say $250 worth of DGC and we will get 1000 points, which means $1.00 off a gallon for up to 35 gallons (we always get the 35 gallons because we use some gas cans. If you do the math, when we get a total of $1,000 in the DGCs over time, that means we will get a total of $140 off the gas (which we use anyways) and that means we save 14%, which adds up for a trip. I prefer it over Target or other places, since I haven’t seen that kind of deal anywhere else. Also if you are smart, you set the money aside and when you get enough to buy another gift card, you get to save money using your saved money. Great double savings.

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