Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway

Has there been an opening date announcement or update?

I have a trip planned early April and had put MMRW in my HS touring plan a couple months ago. When I went in this morning to check something, I had a notice that MMRW wouldn’t be open for my date and had to take it out to enable Optimize/Evaluate.

Last I saw was a vague “Spring 2020” and I can’t find anything else.

Disney’s “seasons” don’t run in a traditional calendar setting. “Spring” for Operations at WDW runs from middle of March through Memorial Day

Spring = Mid-March - Memorial Day
Summer = Tues. after Memorial Day through Mid-August
Fall = Mid-Aug. through Thanksgiving
Winter = Black Friday through Mid-march

I’ve just seen a post tonight saying that CMs are being moved to position from Dec 15th.

Assuming this info is legit, that would suggest sooner rather than later.

There is also the not insignificant (IMO) matter of WDW using it’s opening to drum up interest in a room offer valid from March to May.

I have no idea about US consumer law, but in the U.K. they could be in serious trouble if they did that and the ride didn’t open until the last two weeks of the offer. Understanding delays can happen, but if they had reason to believe it would be later they should cancel the offer.

Earlier this year, internal sources were saying February 2020 opening. Are any of those sources still around with news on an updated date?

On last week’s episode (#243) of The Disney Dish, 11/11/19, Jim Hill said that they are running behind and it may be as late “Spring” (May/early June) as possible.

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When new rides open in a park, does it usually lower the standby wait times for other rides? For Example, are people expecting wait times for MFSR and SDD to drop when RofR opens? Therefore, MMRR may decrease wait times further if you now have 2 new rides to divide up the crowds?

Or is there no impact because with new rides, the parks will just have an increase in the number of guests within a park each day?

That makes sense. Since TP was allowing it to be planned for April, and now isn’t, I assumed they had somewhat reliable information driving that change.

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