Mickey Halloween Party

What is it like? It starts at 7pm but people can go in at 4pm? Is it good to be there from 4 to 7? are the crowds low? Or going there for 7pm is sufficient?

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We went close to Halloween on a sold out week night last year. It was pretty crowded on MSUSA, but we got A LOT done 4-7, including 3 fast-passes (could have had a 4th had there been anything we wanted) and eating a leisurely meal at Pecos Bill.

For us, the 4-7 period worked out well.

It can be crowded from that 4-7, however, like DBF said, you can actually get 2-3 fastpasses during that time, if you time it right. So it’s like getting some bonus time because now (if you want) you could skip those attractions during the party in order to perhaps see characters or do other attractions or party events.

The Dwarfs and Jack/Sally are popular greets that tend to have long lines. But if you line up around 6pm, you’ll be done right as the party starts (maybe even earlier because last year, they opened up the greets a few minutes early)

I figure it’s 3 hours bonus time in the park. Might was well use it and make the most of it.

Have fun!!

Thanks for the reply. When you say extra fast passes do you mean… on top of the 3 you get during the day?

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If you’re not planning to use a park ticket that day, you can still get fastpasses for 3:30, 4:30, 5:30. Then after that 5:30 you might have time for a fourth if you can get one at the kiosk. I thought it was really fun in the park during that time, but part of that is because I’m not a night owl and I knew I wouldn’t make it to midnight.

As far as what it’s like: fun!! It really is like a big party with all the costumes and the candy trails. The parade and fireworks are really good, you can dance with characters, and it’s so much fun to just walk on the rides. :slight_smile:

I was planning to go to the park for emh at 8am until 12pm then go back to hotel for rest and come back for 4.

That’s a good plan! I’ll be doing something similar, but no EMH. Pre Rd BOG, early touring, then go relax until 4. You could still do the afternoon FPPs since you won’t need them much in the morning. Do you have another MK or only the party day?

We may go to MK for the evening day on the day we arrive (our only goal would be to see the msep and wishes everything else is bonus). Then we have a full day at MK followed by EP day, rest, DHS, AK. Our last day would be the day of the party (emh to 12pm, rest then back for 4pm - assuming we get tickets).

Sounds like a great plan! I think you’ll have plenty of time for all your must-dos so you can enjoy the party, focusing on party-specific activities.

Last year they cancelled all of the Fast Passes and dining reservations for around 5-6pm to try and clear out the park.