Mickey Ears and shirts

Not sure if this is allowed. Please delete if not. Just wondering if people could share some of their favorite sites and/or Etsy shops to purchase Disney t-shirts and Mickey/Minnie ears. Trying not to break the bank but must. have. all. the. cuteness!

Honestly, there are SO MANY options on Etsy, all with different vibes, etc, it would be hard to suggest one. We’ve bought shirts from several Etsy sellers. There are other sites, as well, that have some cool/unique Disney shirts. Depends on what you are looking for!

Just search for “Disney T-shirt” on Etsy, and you’ll lose hours of your life . :slight_smile:

How is the Disney undergarments collection progressing? No recent reports :expressionless:.

Oh, I’m done with that endeavor. :slight_smile: I’ll post pictures.



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For ears, I really like WisheryEarMakers on Etsy. I find them to be way more comfortable than the Disney ones and she has frequent sales (usually around holidays).

I also just got these Rapunzel ones from LeBownitte and they are SO pretty. She’s also on Etsy and has her own website (listed on her Etsy site) where she sells them for less.