Mickey and Minnie Runaway Railway Opening Date Announced

March 4, 2020.

Be there.





Hate to say it, but I am mixed on this. HS’s is already the biggest challenge I have in may. Last time we were there, TS land was not there and TOT and RNRC was too big for my kids.

Fast forward 2 years, TSL is open, GE will be open in full force, kids can ride TOT and DS also wants to try RNRC. Add is restrictive FPP rules and a whole land without FPP and now MMRR…man, this is going to be tricky to navigate even with 2 days…


I WILL be there - or at least, I’ll be there on the 6th. Hopefully they change up the FPP tiers now! We’ve got two days scheduled at HS, although I’ve already realized I didn’t factor in that my oldest son will be tall enough for RotR.

Wow! Was not expecting it to be open when we go to HS on March 17th. Interested to see if the fastpass tiers change once it starts.

We’ll be there on the 13th. I’ll be curious to see how its opening affects the crowds at ToT, RnRC and in TSL…

Agree. We have almost the same problems for our May trip. Except for ToT. My youngest could get on it 2 years ago and loved it. My older 2 are finally brave enough for RNRC this trip. They need to fix the Tier issue. Only one attraction might be worth a subsequent FP and that’s Star Tours. The rest is junk.

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Eeeeee it’ll be open for our May trip!!!

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Yay for a new ride for my April trip! (I go in Jan so I’ll see ROTR then)

Yasssssss and a month before my trip - plenty of time for you guys to figure out how to maneuver the madness for me :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


90 day FP window for this would be tomorrow. Hopefully there are reports.

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I’m glad to know that it will be open during our trip. I doubt they will open it up to FPs, and I doubt they will change up the FP tiers right away. (I’m, personally, fine with that…but I know others feel differently.)

The trouble is that the rides all have pretty high average wait times, even things like ASS, so anything they move to Tier 2 would just increase SB wait times significantly, and you’re left with having to chase your tail, figuratively speaking, in trying to secure the FPs.

Anyhow, regardless, I basically have three rides planned now for our second HS day…and anything else we manage to do will be a bonus. But MFSR, RotR, and now MMRR.


I didn’t find waits for MFSR to be oppressive at all and hope that the addition of ROTR only makes matters better. Adding a third new ride (and clumping in SDD) might be where WDW reinvents their tiering packages but I hope not.

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Yes…I think the additional ride capacity with RotrR and MMRR will definitely thin out the crowds somewhat for the other rides. But it will likely take time (months?) for Disney to work out which rides end up losing out and become candidates for moving to tier 2.

Mostly, I’m just hoping tiers are left alone until after our May trip. :slight_smile:

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The tiers being the way they are keep a lot more things available for SDFPP. It worked out very well.


we are going for a short Disney trip for my son’s 5th birthday on March 2nd to the 5th. As of now, our plans were to be at HS on the 5th. His actual birthday is the 4th so we are doing MK. Would you guys keep HS on the 5th in hopes of getting on the ride, or swap HS and AK (which we are scheduled for the 3rd) to avoid crowds? It will be me, DH, DS5 and DS1.

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I’ll add that this is our first Disney trip as a family. The kids have never gone, I went once for a work conference and did MK for a half day. DH went as a kid but it’s been well over 15 years since he was last in Disney. We will be planning future trips!

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Very excited for this news as I had no idea if it would be open for my whirlwind weekend trip in April. So much endless speculation now for what to RD and if any of the new rides will have FPP by April 25. Either way DW and I will RD to close HS that day with the current plan to jump in line for RoTR 5 mins before park close@

We’ll be there in June. So excited!!!