Miami (ad)vice

I had the — let’s not deny it — genius idea of doing a side trip (two days, one night) to Miami during my visit to Orlando in April. This was inspired by wanting something new and exciting to look forward to, having read too many dreary trip reports about how WDW just isn’t the same any more and the magic is all gone. What’s more fun than a road trip? Woot, etc.

So . . . have you been to Miami? What’s fun to do there? Well, see there. I don’t really like doing things. Don’t talk to me about bars or clubs.

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Miami is beautiful city. I would do an architecture tour like you did in France. Miami is known for it’s art deco. And you have to go to the beach… plus find and eat a sandwich called a cuban; I had to carefully word that last part. Oh, parts of the county have daily tidal flooding but there’s no climate change here :wink:


My favorite part was the gator park we visited. They let DD hold a gator that was bigger than her. The picture wasn’t the great because the gator was heavy, but my memory is great. We also did an Everglades tour that was interesting.

I would just spend time on the beach. Northern Miami/Hollywood beaches are less crowded than central Miami.

My BIL leaves in Hollywood area, so we are frequenting these :surfing_man:‍♂

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I cannot tell if this is sarcasm or not! I believe that this is why people flock to Miami!

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I think Miami is beautiful in its own right. It’s a diverse and very cosmopolitan place. If I compare Miami to Huston I would tell you that in Miami they are literate not just bilingual. That puts a whole new spin on a city with two languages. In Miami you can find every paper on the news stand in two languages but not in Texas. Just an observation.

No, it’s real. I hate bars and clubs. I like lounges and cafés.

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Have you considered a side trip to the Keys? That’s where I would like to go. And the Everglades.

A side trip to my side trip? I’d love to. But I only have six days. Total.

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I was going to say something similar. Unless you are flying into Miami, I would go to a beach closer to Orlando, of which there are many.

If you do go to Miami, see if you can swing by the former Versace Mansion. (I’ve never been but after watching The Assassination of Gianni Versace I’m curious to go there.)


Its not Miami but here is what I would want to do for a break…


Another side trip would be to the Salvador Dali Museum on the gulf coast. I think Alligator Alley… everglades is over rated. The Keys… would be nice, see Hemingway’s home.

Have you been to Weekee Watchee where the mermaids and mermen reside?

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I spent three days in Miami once. Took a couple of long walks to marvel at the Art Deco architecture that @ppehap referenced. In addition to Cuban sandwiches (which are delicious), Miami is also famous for its ceviche. If you like seafood, you can have lovely meals just of that. The only other things I did there was lounge by the pool and I got a massage in the hotel spa.


No! But I heard its fun. On the LOOONNNGG list :grin: