Which fastpass is better to choose? Does one have shorter stand by or is one easier to do at rope drop? I have a SDD at 10 but can only swap for a SR at 3. Any words of wisdom?

If I had to choose I’d go with SDD. It can be enjoyed by a wider audience and is extremely popular with families of small children. It will “sell out” faster - IMHO. Plus, the FPP line for MF:SR will skip a good part of the preshow queue which has great animatronics and show scenes.

EDIT - I forgot to mention that the line at MF:SR will go much faster because the ride is a “people eater” due to it high hourly capacity. SDD is much harder to load and send on it’s way with only two vehicles. MF:SR has 6 vehicles operating at once most times.


I would keep the 10 am SDD unless you can get a morning FPP for MFSR. I believe MFSR has a single rider line. Tapping into 3 FPP by 12 will line you up for possible SDD at 12:01. And depending on when that FPP is, you might also get the 2:31 SDD. We were able to pick up FPP at both of those drops last month.

I would stick with SDD. MFSR’s standby will go up a lot but it still has a higher capacity than SDD and it should have less people at rope drop.

To put it all in perspective - This is from today 1/24/20. TSL opened at 7am and this is the queue to SDD. It extends out of TSL to VotLM at 7:15am. The Posted Wait is listed at 100 minutes. Keep that SDD FPP!

That is crazy!

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On the other hand, last night we checked the wait times for SDD around 7:30 pm, and it was 40 minutes, just as a frame of reference.

Hopefully, this is the last rush of “holiday” visitors. I’m interested in what it’ll look like in February.