Messed Up Park Hopping

Have an upcoming trip. For one trip day, we plan on staying by the pool before going to MK in the afternoon. Made a reservation for MK a while back.

Yesterday while digging into G+ strategies we thought it would be a good idea to change park reservation to AK on that day to get the extra 1.5 hours of stacking. We didn’t plan on going to AK that day…

Now I’m trying to change back our reservation to MK and of course reservations are gone.

What do I do? We got so mixed up in the G+ strategy whirlwind I totally forgot about the hopping rules (must tap in at reserved park before hopping). Will we be turned away from MK? Should I call now or take our chances with Guest Services when trying to enter MK that day?

You can keep checking a reservation may pop up for MK the day you need it still…or you could just go to AK tap in and leave. Take a bus from there straight to MK. It is a little time consuming but I have done it before when we changed plans and decided not to go to our first park.


Usually you will be turned away from MK. You might get lucky but I would not chance that.



Well we are staying a BCV so I’ll just make a reservation at EP to just walk in the IG. Whew.


You probably will be turned away at MK. You can try it and beg forgiveness but they could send you away.

There are so many complexities with trip planning right now. I’ve got the opposite problem: an MK ressie that I would like to change to AK but don’t think I’ll get to. And won’t know until after Saturday because we have a capture your moment session scheduled. That I might cancel if the one Saturday provides great weather and photos. But which I might need to keep if it doesn’t.

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This came up on several days of our trip last week. There were a few days where some of our party did not go to the reserved park in the morning. Then, we hopped to a different park in the afternoon. Those who didn’t tap into the reserved park were flagged, but the CMs with the little iPads just came over and overrode the system and let them in. We had no issues when this happened two days trying to hop to EP and one at MK. eta: just read some of the other responses; maybe we got lucky, or maybe it’s because 4 out of 6 of us did tap into the reserved park, but they didn’t question us or give us a hard time at all.


That’s good to hear! I don’t know if you were lucky or if they’re loosening things up a bit in this regard, perhaps most particularly for single members of a larger group. Older reports definitely stated at best a firm admonishing of the guest for their terrible behavior :wink: and at worst being flatly turned away. I hope they are being more reasonable now, as your reply suggests!

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This may be the reason they didn’t hassle us. A few days, my older parents decided to sit out the mornings, so it was probably obvious to the CMs what had happened when they saw all of us together. I’m sure it happens all the time.