Merry and bright

Do you think the dessert party will be worth it?

Last year I did not do the dessert party since I had an Artist Point late dinner on the same night I was going to OL. I went on a Saturday night. I would think the dessert party would be “worth it”. It was wall to wall people- you could not move. I would bet the crowds will be like that almost every night this year during the “last year”.

Thanks for the advice! I just wish they gave a little more information about what I was actually getting for my $200 (family of four). I think I’ll purchase the tickets and cancel later if people start to complain.

I’m not really all that much of a dessert eater, so I’ve never really felt the dessert parties were “worth” it to me. I’ll have a dessert at the end of a signature dinner, because it’s all part of the “fine dining experience”, but I rarely have one otherwise (which is one of the main reasons the DDP doesn’t “work” for me). I was more than happy to pay the price for the “Wind-down” events that they had at WS a few years ago where you got samples of tequila, wine, or beer and a “tasting” menu of several savory offerings.

I thought of a second question. I also have fastpasses to Fantasmic!. Do you think this lights and the show would be too much for three year old? We’ve never done HS before, so I have no idea what to expect.

The Osborne Lights are absolutely amazing, and this is the last year that they will be done, so that should be on your “must do” list. You can spend as much or as little time there as you want (I recommend planning at LEAST 30 minutes), and the only thing that might border on “too much” is the fact that the crowds are pretty thick (especially if you are there right at the lighting - they thin out as the evening progresses). I don’t have kids, so I can’t speak from first-hand knowledge, but many have reported that their younger children have found Fantasmic! to be very scary; it’s quite loud, has fireworks and fire effects, villains, and a very large fire-breathing dragon during the “nightmare” sequence. The crowds waiting to get in and during the exit are daunting, and I’ve seen it enough times that I typically skip it unless a dining package happens to fit in with the rest of my plans.