I see Merida listed as an MK attraction, but she isn’t listed in TP. What’s a good way to add her to my TP? Any advice on how long lines are for her?

I would add a break of 30 minutes.

We didn’t wait too long back in Dec of 2013 and she was my favorite, I’d say well worth any wait!!

Most meet & greets you’ll need to add a break at the time you want to be there for about 30 minutes. Just name the break - “Meet Merida”


Funny Story… Last time I was in DL I walked past the Merida M&G (beautifully done, but the way). I had heard previously that there has been a big CM party the night before, and when she wasn’t “bravely” smiling for the M&G cameras (and turned away from the main crowds), she looked like she was about to throw up - or maybe die. Been there, done that. I have to give her big kudos for her “on-stage” professionalism…

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