Merida Meet and Greet Going Away?

Will be at Disney World February 4-8. The Disney website does not show Merida being available after Jan 24. Anyone know if she will be returning when we go? I imagine her meet and greet is fairly popular. Wonder why she would go away.

Not to worry, @tedomjan…Disney may not have posted her hours for February just yet. Check back in a few days.

Merida is super popular…I can’t imagine she’s going anywhere anytime soon. :smile:

I wonder this too. We are going in March and want to see Merida. I hope they have her somewhere!

Is she in any parades?

Hello there! Merida has her own float in the festival of fantasy parade at MK.

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I just saw it on the wdw website through late February from 9:15-6:30. The last date is the 21st.

Hopefully they will continue to have it through March…when we go to WDW.