Merida m&g in touring plans

I keep getting a zero minute wait for Merida in my tp. I know from experience that isn’t so ;). Anyone else having any luck with this?

I think they aren’t having her anymore, but I am not positive. The last time her hours are listed on the official wdw site is February 21,2015.

As its not a ride/attraction with standby time or fpp tp isnt set up to time it AFAIK so that could be one reason. The schedule is only released a few weeks in advance similar to Jedi so won’t show up either. Put a break in for 45 mins instead to cover yourself just now

I just looked it up and it seems like they update the times infrequently and it is not set far in advance like the other meet and greets. I am hoping they list the times closer to the date or we can see it listed somewhere the days we visit magic kingdom.