Merida Is Messing With My TP!

Hi All ! Meeting Merida doesn't seem a likely option for my family at RD, even though I know that is the best time to get in line.

I noticed that her "second set" begins around 3:45pm, after a break. Do you think that this would be a good alternative ? We were going to watch the parade from nearby, then scoot out early to line up before she arrives.

What kind of wait time have you experienced, and do you have any advice to offer ? I so wish she had a FP+ !! Thanks so much for your help. smiley

Following because I so want to meet Merida for myself!

Anyone have some great advice for @Jedilogray and myself ? blush come everyone keeps saying the wait for Merida is soooo long, if you guys have never lined up for her ?!? smiley

We just saw her on Monday! We went first thing in the AM. Didn't quite make RD, but got there shortly after. There were maybe 10-15 families in front of us & we probably didn't wait much longer than 15 - 20 minutes including the few minutes we waited for the meet to open.

When we walked by later in the day the line didn't look much longer than when we got there in the am, but I don't know what time it was.


Thanks! She is the one character I want to see the most on my next visit!

Thanks, @sterps ! Good to know there's hope. She's one of the only princesses we missed last trip, so I gotta fit her in. wink