Merchandise Home Delivery Question

It will be one week before my flight to Florida. Yay!

I am trying to figure out what my outstanding questions are though.

I’m a Star Wars fan and have put together a list of what I want to purchase while I’m in HS. I know that merchandise pickup and resort delivery are not currently available though. Home Delivery is an option.

How does this work though if I have items that I want to send home from multiple shops? Does each shop mail the items out individually or is there one location that I can bring everything to once I have my shopping done for the day?


You would have to ship individually from each shop when purchasing items. But, I wonder if the resort gift shop would ship your items together if you took them there? I would at least ask at the beginning of your stay.

As long as you have your receipts you can take everything to one shop and have them ship it together.


Another option I use is the FedEx office in some of the resorts.

For example, I stayed 2 weeks at BLT and at the end of the trip I took ALL the items we purchased throughout the stay to the Business Center in the Contemporary. Got a huge box for all of the sweaters/toys. I did buy a Christmas castle that I sent home from the shop separately mostly because of it’s individual weight and fragility.

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I would recommend shipping your stuff outside of Galaxy’s Edge only because the shops are small with few checkout counters. We mailed our Savi’s light sabers from the Star Tours gift shop. We mailed our droids from the hotel gift shop.

How much is the shipping service?

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I just shipped items I bought at Disney Springs home from the resort gift shop at ASMo. The shipping price depends on your receipt total. I had between $80 and $90 of Christmas ornaments. It was $12.95 to ship them home.

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