Merchandise Guest Services contact info

I remember that a guest service email and phone number for Disney Parks merchandise was posted in chat some time in the last few months. Does anyone have this handy? Thank you!


Fantastic! Thank you @scrapper1617!

That's what I have written down. I hope that's correct! πŸ˜€(if it's not, I'm sorry! Maybe you can let me know so I can change it! Ha! πŸ˜‰)

Nice work @scrapper1617. I was just about to put my hair up into a bun and flash into Liner Librarian mode.

They are quick to respond and will solve your problem quickly. I had to return a pen that exploded, they sent a replacement. Unfortunately, I have to tell them the replacement pen exploded also. frowning

Didn't mean to overstep into your territory! Ha! πŸ˜‰All those years working in a library must have rubbed off on me! πŸ˜€

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Nonsense! I was kidding. smile


Keep your Liner Librarian hat close!

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Pens are for writing. Not carving initials and cute little hearts in tree trunks smile

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Suhhweeet!! Just called to replace my favorite travel mug purchased at DD in June. One of my littles dropped it on the kitchen floor yesterday and the handle broke off. I was bummed but a new is on its way!!

I think the number is just 1-877-560-6477. It is toll free.

Thanks again!

Yes, you are correct! So Sorry! Oh my, I should have realized I had too many numbers. It was long day. I should never try to type when I'm that tired!!

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I corrected it. I should leave the librarian work to @SallyEppcot!! πŸ˜ƒ

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So glad they're sending you a new mug!!

I'm glad they replaced your mug @kateisminnieme.

@scrapper1617 - Nooo!!! Don't leave it all to me! I've answered many questions with slightly wrong or off info. Luckily other Liners have stepped in with corrections. We're all in this together, and nobody is 100% correct all the time. smile

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Trust me I am writing. Copious notes on work related stuff.