Memorymaker download and edit

I am trying to download our memorymaker photos on my computer. I am only seeing a way to download one picture at a time. Should I be able to download all of the pictures at one time?
And I just want to make sure that we can now only edit photos on an iphone to add borders, etc., correct?

You can zip each batch at once. There will be more than one zip file though. I think it depends on how long your trip was and how many photos you have.

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Thank you!

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I was downloading every one from my last trip until I realized you could zip them. I think I had 8 zip files.

Also, no idea about editing. I don’t have an iphone for one.

Did you find the green checkmark? With the new-ish interface, you have to hover over the image in the gallery and click the gray checkmark it to turn it green. Select as many as you want and then download.

Yes, I found it! Thank you for checking!

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