Memory Share for Feb 2022?

It looks good now for the two of you. What a relief because I was getting confused.
M.K.A (and actually my DH) are the only ones now that I can see the plans.

Ok cool. One less thing for everyone to worry about. Cross it off the list. Now patiently waiting for any kind of discount.

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@malaroni 1/25-1/29
@Colleen68 1/30 – 2/6
@looking.for.sunshine 1/30-2/4

On the leading reservation tread, it occurred to me that more than one party could be on a leading reservation and get the benefit of it. I want a Toppolino’s breakfast reservation on arrival day which will be 59 days. So, I have a really long leading reservation. From 1/19 to 2/11. I feel a little bit bad about holding a room, although I did try to get an undesirable moderate. Would any of you guys like to be added to that reservation? It would make me feel a little better if it got extra use.

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That’s so kind you. I would definitely love that. We do what we gotta do to get those ressie’s. :joy: :joy:

I actually have a campsite leading reservation so I can get Oga’s. Thanks for the offer though!!

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Since you are the first, mine would have only given you 6 extra days head-start. Oga’s, yes. I need to add that to the list. I look at the menu and I can’t find anything to eat. Even the charcuterie board, normally a safe choice, looks a little disgusting. We drink but not at amusement parks. Sun, exercise and alcohol don’t go together for me. So, not sure what we would order. But, DH and DD are Star Wars fans. So, that is a must do, but I’d forgotten about it.

I sent you a friend request from my real MDE. I assume that will be the easiest way to add you to the reservation.

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We are planning (well I’m planning for my family) for Ogas as a mid day or late evening stop mainly for the experience. The couple food options didn’t look great but DH is a star wars fan too so it’s a must do

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So this is brilliant. Doesn’t work for my dates but brilliant.


Out of curiosity I looked to see if it was possible to have one leading reservation that covered everyone’s dates, and apparently a month is the max. That is not surprising. I could extend it to the 18th for the same deposit if you wanted.

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Love it! I was going to go book my own leading reservation to make my reservations.

Aaah Southwest dropped the price on their Saturday night non stop flight. Coming in a night earlier. Not that it saves me money. But I’ll be able to have a full day in park now.

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I’m not sure what ADRs we’re going to do yet, but if you’re extending it for ehsanchez I might take you up on that. Also is the plan view for MKA fixed? It should be, but I just wanted to confirm.

I’m not, my original flight got me there mid morning on a Sunday. I have not understood anything about ADRs and leading reservations.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: By all means if it can help someone let me know in great detail how I can.

Yes, the plan view for everyone is fixed. Well, except for my husband. He’s been installing a metal roof on our addition, so I’ll wait to pester him for his password.
The room allows 4 adults, so it is ‘full’ now. They have this silly idea that we’ll be sleeping there. :slight_smile: