Memory making share March

I am going March 10-11.

I am going 3/13-17. Please count me in if you still have space.

I am going to be in the park from 3/10 - 3/17. I would be interested if this if anyone else is going to be in the parks during that period.

I can’t keep track if anything is open but I want in! Jcamarillo @ (without the spaces, of course). 3/12-3/20.

@shaoshien @beckyfitz19 @dolewhipped let’s make a group. I’m going march 10-11. Can someone lead?

@spitlers I’d like to join. I think there are a few here who are looking to join too.

@spitlers… You didn’t know we were going to invade you! How many are you willing to take?

I am going to be there April 1-10th and would love to cut the cost by sharing a memory maker with someone

I have never done a MM share, so I am just now trying to figure it all out. I don’t have a problem adding a couple of families, once I get it all set up.

Awesome. You can contact me at adorachloe(at) once you’ve figured it out =)

Sorry, I keep forgetting to check back here. I’d still love to get in on one of these if someone could email me

Emailed you =)

Are you done the grouping or still have room for one more? I’d like to join if there is still a chance. email me at

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Is it too late to share with you guys? I would like to March 7-12?

Also going March 9-13. Any open spots or new groups forming?

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I would do a new group!

That might work. I’d be interested if it ends up being a three or four way split - half is still out of budget. Have you gotten any info/interest on your other inquiries? I’m signing off for now but will revisit here in the AM to catch up on the discussion.

We have 3 - jonesy614, me, shaoshien… Anyone else?

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Me! I’d love to join! May 9 - 14th