Memory making share March

Yes I am very interested, but depending on cost— how many people usually share? I will send the other interested person to this board-- or would email be easier??? Thank you!

Yes, I’m interested too. I’m not going in March though, except for one day…I am going March 31st to April 8th

I think all of the dates just need to be within 30 days of each other, so your date so will prob be ok?

We can divide cost among number of families. You can email me @ I will set up a new email address with an MDE account that we can all link to. Everyone gets the password and we don’t start the download until the last day for that last family on the account.

Hi Guys, I joined a different group that’s got dates closer to mine (in April) so don’t hold off on my account.

I’m interested in joining if there is room anywhere! Dates are 3/11 - 16.

Late to the party but we are also interested! 2/28-3/7 if there is room/ enough run off to start a new one!

I’m going solo March 1-5 and I’d love to get in on this! I want the pics but there’s no way I can justify the full cost for just me. You can email me at Thanks!

I have already closed ours, please check with McCoy and amywdw and see if you can start a new share…SO Worth it. Good luck and have a wonderful trip!

Fancy_FunandFree & McCoy,

I am going Feb 28th through March 7th and was thinking about buying one. Maybe we could get together and do this. It sounds like a great way to make it worthwhile.

@Fancy_FunandFree, @McCoy, @amywdw, @Blueslake
I am going 3/5-9 and would love to share a MM if there is still a need. Will be solo for part of the trip and can’t justify full cost, but would hate to miss out on the photos, so share would be perfect

That would be wonderful. It is just you and I at the moment, but hopefully we will get a couple more to make it a little less. I will wait to order unless $75.00 is okay with you. My email is



I am going feb 25- mar 20 and have been looking for a share to get in on. if you still need ppl


I replied back to you on the other as well.

Interested- March 9-14th if anyone has open space! :slight_smile:

I am going 3/13-3/18. Would you like to share with me?

We will be there 2/28-3/4. Still trying to decide on MM. Is there still room in your share? If so, how much would it cost? I’m interested if there’s still room - and if others have done it before and had good experiences!

I am going 3/13-3/18. Would you like to share with me?

We are going March 5 - 12. I have already purchased MM, so if anyone wants to join, let me know.

I am going March 10-11. Anyone still have space in their share?