Memory making share March

Please let me know if you are interested in sharing memory maker. I have done this before and it works great.
End of Feb to end of March,

Yes I would be if others are interested. We are going March 2-3-4 short trip!

Great! I sent you an email. Hope we can get two more:)

Can you give me a quick rundown of how this works and how much it would be? I might be interested. We are going Feb28-Mar4.

If you want any of the pics printed, do you then have to pay extra for each one?

What email did you use, I think the one I have set up this account is my husbands, send me at

I have done the share before twice before… One person is in charge of the account ( I am happy to do that) and invites the others as friend. I would then send you photopass confirm # and name and password to the account. You link your photopass # to your magic band or ticket and all pics taken by Disney goes to the account. once everyone in the share has returned from the trip each family goes in and edits their own pics…you can add borders and clipart that is provided on the site. When everyone has finished the download is done and you can print off all the pictures you want…no extra charge.
The cost is 149 and is divided by the number of people sharing The share last 30 days and starts the day the first person in share begins having pictures taken. Once you start editing you have 45 days to complete. Please send me an email at if you are interested in sharing or have any other questions . It’s very easy to do and I have so enjoyed having all the pics:) it’s easiest with a group of 4 but we can see who responds. With your dates people with dates towards end of Feb to middle of March would work great. WHEW!

That would work…email me at if you have questions or think you might want to join. I have so enjoyed doing it this way!

it you have purchased it then you would be the contact person. I can walk you thought it if you would like to share

I got it and replied with some questions

I might be interested @Grami57. I’ll email you directly.

sounds great, look forward to sharing how it works!

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I am going March 29, 30, 31 and would be interested in learning about how a MM share works. Are you still looking for people?

How many do you have so far? I might be interested but we are only doing 2 park days so it’d have to be worth it price wise.

I’m looking to join a share. March 21-29.

What days are you going? I am also only there for 2.5 days so $ would have to low enough. There may be another interested on the April MM post whose dates could work, too. I haven’t done it before, but sounds relatively straight forward.

There is another person who expressed interest on the mid-April page. Have you done a share before? I haven’t, and am a Disney rookie, but it sounds pretty straight forward?

My dates are March 12 and 13th.

Right now ours is full, still waiting on one payment. I will let you know in the next day or two if there is an opening.
It’s a great way to do MM!

It takes some time up front but its a great way to do the MM…good luck!

I was in a share last September. It’s pretty easy to do. If you are interested I have one other person who is definitely in the share. I can set up a new MDE account and we can run the share through a new email account.