Memory maker worth it?

My friend and I are going for only 5 days and 4 nights for a wedding in November and one of those days we will not be in any park (the wedding day). Is it worth it for my friend and I to split the memory maker? Or would I be better off just buying a couple photos separately?

It really depends. First off good option to split it. So if you are one to have and want lots of photos get it - otherwise dont. We have never gotten it and don’t feel like we have missed out on anything. We are big photo people - but very judicious about the photos that we print and hang.

You can always ask for other groups to share it with you, and further reduce your cost. 2 vs 4 or more. That makes it much more reasonable, if you want to do it at all. Happens all the time here.

We get it every trip. There’s not a lot of things I recommend splurging on but I’ve never been disappointed. It never fails that a cell phones dies or takes a crap picture and it’s nice to have their pictures as a backup. Usually they are good quality and you get all your ride photos and videos as well. I would say if you enjoy posting all your photos to share with family or enjoy scrap booking and such, it’s definitely worth it. However, if you don’t care about looking back through a bunch of photos or won’t be printing them all off, I would pass.

We get it every time and I don’t even do character meet and greets. There are still plenty of photopass photographers through the parks and you get your ride photos and videos with it. We got about 150 pics on our last 4 day trip plus about 90 ‘bonus’ photos of the World and Mickey and the gang. Like I said, that’s just going up to the photographers in the parks and ride pics, not M&Gs or even any resort pics.

Now, that said, you have to be watching for a photographer and grab them when you can. Sometimes, you’ll have to stand in line for the photographer, but if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes and will do it, then it’s worth it. If it’s just ride pics you want, it might not be worth it.

Also, if you are the type to go to the meet and greets, then it’s a must. Remember the ‘odd photo’ here and there will add up to the price of the Memory Maker pretty quickly.