Memory Maker with 2 reservations on 1MDE account

We have two reservations, one for us and one for my parents. My parents bought our memory maker so it is linked to my mom. She doesn’t have an MDE account. I claimed both reservations on my account (they show under “My Reservations” and made all of the ADR’s and FPP’s. My Mom’s memory maker also shows up on my account (Under Memory Maker it gives the confirmation number and has it assigned to her name). Since that memory makers shows up on my account, should everyone on both the reservations that I claimed be good to go? Would I call the general Disney booking number to confirm this, or is there another number I should call?

You should get the memory maker assigned to your account. Your mom should be able to transfer it to someone else. The account that has the MM assigned is the only one who can edit and download.
I don’t know how it would work without having a MDE account but normally everyone has to be linked as a friend/family to the account that has the MM assigned–in this case your mother. I would call IT and explain the situation. Maybe they can transfer it over to your MDE. Or maybe build your mom a MDE account and transfer it that way.

I tried the building her an account and that didn’t work. It said the reservation was already linked to an account. I will call, but is there a different number I should call?

There is a number somewhere. Let me see if I can find it for you.

You are very kind. I have been looking and couldn’t find a number. I figured calling the regular number wouldn’t be much help :-/

You rock! I will call tomorrow when they open :smile:

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Good luck!

For anyone with the same question who might pull this thread, I spoke with the Photo Pass folks and this is the deal - since I manage my Mom (she doesn’t have her own MDE account that claimed the reservation) everyone on my account will have use of the Memory Maker and I will have the ability to view and download all the photos. So another thing checked off my list :slight_smile: