Memory maker valid 1 year for AP holders

I recently used my AP discount to book a room at Disney which included free memory maker. I just completed a survey from Disney all about the memory maker package which concluded with the question "how interested would you be in a memory maker package for passholders only which would be valid for an entire year from date of purchase with the same terms and conditions (download within 45 days)?" Well played Disney....


Wow! That would be awesome!

that might would push me back to renewing my AP's back to back instead of holding off between some trips now. that would be a great perk.

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Excellent. I would finally actually buy a photo from Disney.

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One upfront fee, get all the pictures taken within 365, just have to make sure each photo is downloaded within 45 days? Sign me up. We got memory maker 3 times this year (yikes! I just realized that is $450 of pictures)

I'm going to assume this would not be retro active (i.e. I bought a MM in June and I am going again in Nov)?

Photopass used to work bi-costal. Anyone know if MemoryMaker does?

The big question would be the price point…I'd think it would be no less than $399, but no more than $499.

When we were at DLR in May, they didn't have memory maker. DLR I believe still uses Photo Pass packages only. That is what we had, the PP+.

If it is the same terms and conditions as well as price, this is really an attractive deal for families. Would have been great to have this past year with our AP.