Memory maker sharing question

Feel like I should know this, but I can’t recall. I am helping plan a trip for an extended family. One family unit has memory maker on their reservation. They will be linked as friends on MDE with the other family unit who does not have memory maker. Will one person from the part of the family with memory maker always have to be present to swipe their magic band in order to get the pics?

Example: Adult daughter has memory maker on her reservation. She goes back to the room with her kids to nap. Grandparents stay in the park to ride more rides, but the memory maker is not actually on their reservation. Are they out of luck on pics unless adult daughter is there to swipe her band?

Nope. The MDE with the memory maker entitlement needs to be friends and family with anyone who wants to add photos. All friends and family photos will show up on the MM MDE account unless someone turns off the photo sharing option. Edits and downloads only can be done by the MDE with the MM entitlement.

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Ok, just to make sure I correctly understand your reply. In my scenario, as long as the grandparents are showing as friends and family then they can swipe their own bands and the pics will save to the memory maker account?

Thanks for you help!

Yep! You got it.

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