Memory Maker Share?

If someone already purchased Memory Maker but now wants to use it for a Share group, how do we set up a “ghost” account? I have offered to be the leader because the person who has already purchased the Memory Maker hasn’t ever used Memory Maker before and asked that I be leader. How do we link her Memory maker into the “ghost” account? Does that make sense?

I set up a “ghost” account with no problem, but since this person already purchased a Memory Maker, what is our next step? We want the 5 families to be able to log into this account and edit their own pics etc.


I’m not sure, but I think that you can’t use a “ghost” account once you’ve already purchased the Memory Maker under a different account. I think you’ll have to link everyone in the account that purchased the Memory Maker. But, like I said, I’m not sure.

The ghost account would have had to be the one to purchase it. Only the account it was purchased from can download pics. Maybe have the leader delete their personal info from their account and change the password to let you guys log in and then change it back after everyone has their pics.

so if I have purchased Memory Maker and want to share it with another family that I know, I just add them to my friends and family on my MDE account and we can share the memory maker? Is that right? Then even though he memory maker was bought on my account, any pics they take on their bands will show up too, just because we mark share photos on our MDE accounts?

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