Memory Maker Share

Is anyone arriving this week and would like to share my Memory Maker with me? I have a friend who also would want to share IF I find a 3rd, so it would be $56

I may be interested. We’ll be there the following week. I’ve shared before but didn’t lead the group. Are you aware of how to be the leader? It’s been about a year for me and not sure of anything has changed.

Well, I can’t link it to a dummy account because I already have it linked to my MDE account, so I would need to give you my sign in info when you arrive there so that you can download your pics. As long as I link you as friends/family, you will be able to view them, but will have to sign on as me in order to download. Once the first download is complete, you have 45 days. I get back on Wed 10/21 so that would be when I would download. Also, do you have MagicBands? You would need to have them in order to get your photos linked to my MM. Just let me know asap because my friend who would be our 3rd is down there now on the beach. Her first park day is Tuesday.

Ok, I just found out that your park ticket can be scanned if you don’t have a magicband, as long as it is linked on your MDE account. So, that won’t be a problem.


Anyone?? I need to know today if we are going to share 3 ways.