Memory Maker share warning

I’m from the UK and the tickets I bought came with Memory Maker included. It occurred to me that I could recoup some of the cost by setting up a share group.

A common practice amongst people who run MM share groups is to set up a dummy account and allocate the MM to the dummy account. That way, when members of the group are added to the friends list of the dummy account, they cannot see or interfere with FPP selections the organiser has made in his or her main account.

However, the MM included in bundled ticket packages like mine cannot be transferred to another account in this way. If you run a share group, you have to let people friend your main account. In principle this means they could change or cancel your FPP selections. This was not a problem for me. But it could happen.

The biggest issue, however, was that members of my group were only able to download photos that were taken on or after the day I arrived at WDW and started having photos taken. Those who arrived before were not able to download their photos.

In my case this was resolved by one of the members purchasing his own stand-alone MM package and the affected members of the group became his friends and downloaded photos via his package. I then transferred the financial contribution they’d made to me to him.

So if you have an included MM package in your ticket, only accept share members who will arrive after you arrive. And be willing to take the risk that they could interfere with your FPP choices.


Good info - thanks for sharing!