Memory maker share thing?

What is it? How do u do it? Is it worth doing end of November/first week of December ?

Memory Maker, as I’m sure you know, is a package deal that you can add to your vacation that allows you to download all of your vacation photos including ride photos and videos. These are loaded to your MDE account via your MagicBand. A share is where someone gets a group of people together that are all going around the same time and they all chip in a little $$ so they can all take advantage of the package without paying full price. The “leader” will then purchase it and you will all link it to your MDE. The major advantage to this is that it saves quite a bit of $$ usually depending on how many people you get in your group. The downside is that everyone in your group has complete access to your family vacation photos and it’s sometimes hard to sort through and find yours especially if you and anyone else had an overlapping vacation. I have heard of some other issues as well but I can’t speak to those as I’ve never done a share so I’ve never experienced them.

So I was very skeptical of the MM Share scenario but figured I’d give it a go. It was just my husband and I, and our share only cost $35 with number of families we had. So basically, if I got three pictures out of it, I broke even for what I would have paid if I bought them a la carte.

It was an absolute hoot! Even my very non-Disney husband had a fun time taking pictures. It was also a lovely relief to not worry about constantly asking someone else to take our picture (since there were just two of us). The magic shots were also something that we enjoyed… and I say that as one who thought they were super silly before actually doing them myself.

Anyway, we had no problems setting up the share (even though we were a bunch of first timers). We had a minor hiccup when it came to downloading. It was unclear whether or one person was downloading for everyone or whether we were all responsible for downloading our own. We had a couple people almost miss out on their pictures because of this, but luckily one of the members of our share still had the entire batch downloaded and was able to get them to them. So, lesson there is just make sure everyone knows what they are supposed to do after taking the pictures.

If you have any other questions, I’m happy to answer them!

The biggest risk is that when you do a share, the master account has access to everyone’s reservations. One way to mitigate that is to set up a dummy Disney account to “own” the share, and then sets everybody up as friends. I heard a horror story where someone accidentally cancelled someone else’s dining reservation, confusing their own reservation with their memory maker friend’s reservation.