Memory maker share still a thing?

is the memory maker share still a thing? anyone want to do a share for august? I’m going 7-11

someone somewhere started a thread asking for another to share… FYI

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Here is the thread


Does the memory maker purchase ever expire as long as it isn’t activated? I have one sitting in my MDE that I kind of forgot about until this post :grimacing:

I’m not sure if it never expires but yesterday I called to reschedule my July trip to January and when I asked about the MM he said it would transfer over to the new trip no problem. So maybe not “never” but at least until you’ve got something on the books.

thanks ill search it

So your photos expire 45 days from the date taken. Memory maker expires 30 days after you activate it. You activate memory maker once you download your first photo…so technically you can “extend” the life of the memory maker, but regardless of any of that, if the actual photo was taken more than 45 days ago, it has expired. Now, if your photo has expired, you can call and sometimes they can bring it back for you, but you wouldn’t be able to use memory maker for the expired photos, you have to activate the memory maker before your first photo expires…I hope this makes sense, it’s kind of confusing.

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Memory maker expires 30 days after you activate it, so as long as it hasn’t been activated (which obviously it hasn’t because you haven’t taken your trip), it won’t expire. You have to actually download a photo in order to activate the memory maker. It then lasts 30 days from your first downloaded picture. Which technically you could wait 45 days to download your first photo (which would be the day your first photo expires) and then memory maker would still be good for the next 30 days…so technically you can capture 75 days total using one memory maker purchase.

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That all makes sense, but I’ve got all that from info from previous experiences.

I’m trying to figure out if the memory maker itself has a deadline on using it. I purchased one last February to use this past April but obviously that didn’t happen. I now won’t activate it until I set up a share group next Spring. Have never purchased one and let it sit there for more than a couple months before activating it.

@StephanieV that sounds promising. I bought my separately from a package and it’s actually just hanging out in a dummy account right now without any tickets anything. Hopefully it will be fine, but I suppose at the very least I would end up with Disney credit.