Memory Maker Share September 2015?

We’re looking to share a memory maker. I saw a lot of activity on this but I seem to have missed the boat on 3 other threads. We’re traveling early September. Just 19 days away!!!

Anyone interested?


I’m going with my bff for a quick trip august 31-September 3. We hadn’t planned to do mm, but might if enough people are in the share just to not have to carry a camera. @vidab will you organize if we can get enough interest?

Yes I’d love to organize. Through the help of people on these forums they’ve given me great info so I’m sure we could pull it off. I’ll set up a dummy account for the sharing photos via memory maker and we can all contribute via paypal if that’s cool.

I love the idea of getting my ride and castle photos but don’t want to spend $169. Eeeesh!!!

I found one other interested party. Looking for 1-2 more. :smile:

Interested in Sept 26 thru Sept 30. Let me know if that fits the window with the current group!

It does! Would you mind giving me an email so I can pm you the info?
Mine is



I’ll join if there are at least 5 people pitching in. We’re doing a quick Labor Day Weekend trip.

We have 4 confirmed. Hoping to get 1-2 more. Starting a Facebook group. Would you mind sending me an email so that I can forward you some info and get a FB group going?



We’ll be there Sept 7th-12th. If that fits in the window, I think we’re interested.

You can contact me at with details on how it all works. Thanks.

I’ll send you an email with some info. Setting up a Facebook group later today. Thanks!

I am in for a share. I have done a few and they work great. Our trip is September 12-19

My email is and my husband’s is for a MDE friend request.

Emailing you now. :slight_smile:

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This group is now closed. Thanks everyone!

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Thank you Lesley! So excited!

How does Memory Share work? We are going Sept. 10-13 and may be interested :smile:Thanks :smile:Melissa

This group is closed. I’m leaving for my trip tomorrow. :smile:
But it’s not too hard to set up if you’re looking to maybe get a group going of your own.

Do you have a personal email? I’ll send you a little “to do” list for you to read.

Yes. Send it to :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile: Have fun on your trip :slight_smile: I’m so excited because mine is in less than 2 weeks :smile:

Hey could you send the to do list to laineylains at gmail I’m interested in knowing how to set a group up thanks