Memory maker share Sept 2018

We are traveling Sept 9-15, 2018. I’ve been seeing posts about memory maker sharing and would love to get some people together if anyone is traveling on or around my dates.

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I am interested in being in a Memory Maker share if we can get some people. We will be there Sept. 19-28, 2018.


We’ll see if anyone else is interested and reassess when it gets closer.


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I am planning to be there Sept 11 - 13, 2018. If you don’t mind the overlap, I am interested in joining this MM share.

I’ll be there Sept 8-16. How does this work? You connect MDE accounts somehow and just need one MM purchase for everyone?

This is the information I found from a previous post.

  1. Set up a Ghost MDE account & buy MM, invite yourself…your “real” MDE as a friend.
  2. Find other families & give them the login info for the ghost account, so they can connect their family/friends.
  3. Get reimbursed on PayPal.
  4. Upload all the pics of your family from the Ghost Account within 45 days.
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I have been in two other share groups with Disney friends. Since 3 of our dates overlap, then our pictures may be mixed. My previous downloads have been by day and park. We may need to pick our photos out from a larger download. I would prefer to be in a MM Share of no more than 5 families so it is easier to do. Is that OK with this group?

That suits me fine. I was thinking 4-5 would be nice.

That amount works for me also. This will be my first so if we go ahead I will need a little more explanation as to how I link my MB with the log in info ect.

I am willing to coordinate the share since I have done it before. You would become my new Disney friends! Is that OK?

It is much easier having one person run all the downloads after all photos have been loaded. Otherwise the download section can get confusing. Is this group willing to consider not having their full download of pictures until after KelliPooh has finished her trip and had a short period of time to review pics? Her last park day is Sept 28th.

KelliPooh - How many days will you need to review and Disneyfy your shots? Everyone else would have until that date to do the same.

We could download one shot early on to take the watermarks off for viewing.

Based on the dates we have now, The first photo expires 45 days from the time the first photo is taken, Sept. 8th. If I count correctly, that is Oct. 23rd. That will give everyone plenty of time to go back to Disney if photos are missing from the downloads. After the initial downloads are copied by everyone you can modify and download any miscellaneous shots you want up to that time.


I have not done this before and would be thrilled to have someone with experience coordinate the thing.

There was a lot of information in your post so I want to make sure I get it. Are you saying you would be the only one to download the images? And then share them with us? And it would have to be done all at once at the end of all trips. I can’t just download my 5-10 favorites at the end of my trip and be done?

Also, when you say disneyfy are you saying we can edit the photos before download?

Sorry, it was a lot of info. Hope this isn’t too much also. Happy to try again if it doesn’t make sense.

You are able to download your shots once the first photo is downloaded, however, I am recommending that we wait until the end. Sometimes friends in share groups will screen shot their photos after we run the single photo to take the watermark off. This allows them to share the fun before getting the full MM image.

The download area can be confusing if you have a few different folks making random downloads. They won’t be labeled with your name. Since three of us will be there the same time, if we cover the same park the same day, they may be similarly named.

If you take advantage of memory maker including meet & greets and magic shots, you may end up with more than you think. This is part of the fun for us so we have fun with the CMs taking photos. Sometimes we really ham it up!

Whether I was leading or not, it was easier to run zips of everything at once. Memory Maker will put the photos in to zipped up photo groups. This makes is easier to download a lot of photos at once. When I coordinated, I ran the initial zips and then checked which zips covered which park and date. They will reside in the downloads folder in MM. I made a master copy by downloading all of the zipped files for the group on an external hard drive as short term backup. I then sent a list to the group of what was in each folder in our Memory Maker. Now that the zips were run, our Disney group each downloaded only the full zips they wanted and deleted the images they didn’t want on their personal computer. You may get photos of others families this way. I just discard them from my downloaded file. You don’t want to accidently delete someone’s photo when on MM.

Memory Maker has borders and “stickers” that can be added to your pictures. You are also able to crop photos. I usually copy the shot then edit it so I have the original also in the download. I always make a fun book with trip shots.

If you decide you want to add some magic to a photo after we each download the zips, it makes sense to work on and just download the individual photo(s). It really helps to keep the download area less confusing if everyone waits for the zips to be run once and copied.

I put this suggestion out early so you have time to think about it. I want everyone to have an opportunity to consider it.

That makes sense, I wouldn’t have really thought about all that since I’ve only gotten MM twice before. Count me in!

Okay. I think I’ve got it more or less.


I’m ready to begin when you are.

That works for me . I am sure I will need to go over the details once we get closer.
I am not sure how long it takes to add the extras but is 5 days unreasonable? Not starting the day after I get back correct?? You need time to do your stuff first Watergirl right? I get home in the middle of the night and then travel the next day to pick up my dog.

I would love to join this share group if you have room for anyone else. My dates are Sept. 4-7.

angeleast that is for Watergirl to decide since she is running the group. We have 4 as of now so would five be okay and not mess up our timing Watergirl?

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If theee is room i may be interested. I am going 9/5-9/14. Let me know.

I am going Sept 15-22 and would be interested in a share. Maybe we can do a second share group?

Hi! Sorry to be just checking in. Jedilogray and I have been friends before. : )

I was hoping to have just 5 families for the share. Angeleast would be our last to the group if everyone is firm. Angeleast only has 4 park days. The dates only push it forward 4 days for our last download day. We would close the group up and use messaging to cover next steps.

Hopefully Jedilogray and usnwifeaustin could put together a second share. Otherwise, I would have us look, via messaging, at our estimated park days to check overlap. We have many similar days between us.

Please let me know who is ready to go. We can wait a bit to see how Jedilogray and usnwifeaustin make out.

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