Memory maker share risk

I’ve found someone to do a MM share with, but I’m wondering the risk of doing so. Will they not have access to our stuff and could accidentally cancel our FPP, dining reservations, etc, since the accounts are then linked as ‘family and friends’? They said no, but I’m clueless and blogs aren’t really giving me clear info!

It depends how it’s set up.

I think the sharees can see the sharers info and mess it up, but not the other way round. The sharer usually sets up a dummy account to avoid this.

Follow the instructions in this document to do it right.

Sharing Disney’s Memory Maker (pdf for PC and most devices).pdf (2.2 MB)


Ok that makes sense then, she said she doesn’t through a dummy account. Thanks!


So I think you commented on the June thread before and I was hoping to join a share but it never took off. Is there room for another group to join?