Memory maker share questions

  1. I have read that only the account that purchases the memory maker can download pictures. Well, if that is the case, how does that work. Does the person in the “lead” have to go through all the pics and download all the ones that belong to the other family and e-mail them or something?
    If my friend has already bought it on her account and invites me, I can look at the photos, but can’t download them to my computer?
  2. Can you set it up so that you can only view each others photos, but not ADRs, FPs, etc?


When I’ve done shares in the past someone sets up a “dummy” account that everyone takes turns logging in to to download the photos.
As to the ADR’s and FP etc, when the dummy account adds everyone on the family and friends list there usually a box to check that does not share plans with everyone.

Right, but in this case she already bought it so too late to move to dummy. So in that case, only she can download my pics and then what? Email them to me?

you can still set up a dummy account and transfer the MM downloading rights to that account. That’s what our group did on the last share. I had already purchased MM, then found out about sharing. I transferred it to our dummy account and all 5 families logged in to that one to download.
Otherwise, yes, in theory, one person could have access to everything and email all the photos, but that seems like a lot of work.

Okay then, thank you! How do you transfer it, I always thought you couldn’t do that.

There is a way to do it, forgive me I don’t remember perfectly. I know once there was a dummy account set up I added that account to my family and friends list. Once I did that I could go into MM and select who had download privileges. I selected the dummy account and it transferred it over. We shared a common password and could all log in and use it.

I shared a MM with a friend before. I just gave her my login info so she could get into my account and download her own pics. Of course, you have to have the kind of friend you can trust with your login info. (Also, the password could be later changed to not allow continued access to your friend.)

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