Memory Maker Share Question

Okay I have a great liner group with me and we are stumbling through our first share. I am spearheading the group.

I created a dummy account and shared the log in information.

In order to show up on the account does everyone need their own my magical experience account? Or if I am on the account and I have say my husband and two kids on my account which I manage all are they included?

I don’t know if I am asking clearly enough.


Anyone that wants to add pictures via the magic band must be added as a friend and family to the dummy account. You don’t have to have your own MDE necessarily. If someone does not have a band they can use a photo card and load it manually into the dummy account.

Okay so I add ‘Frank’ as a friend and family to the account.
‘Frank’ has a wife and 2 kids that also want to be on the account.
They are managed on ‘Franks’ account

Does Franks wife and 2 kids need to be added as friend to the memory maker account, or is it enough that they are on 'Franks" account?

They must be linked to the dummy account for pics to go over. If only Frank is linked only his band will load pictures into the dummy account. None of Frank’s friends or family photos will show in the dummy account. Link everyone who wants to be able to add pictures.


They all need to be linked, unless Frank is going to take sole responsibility for having his ban scanned after every picture. If you pose in front of the castle, have the family pic taken, and Frank has his ban scanned, that picture will connected… it’s not like the system knows that the other people weren’t linked and greys out all faces but Franks… however, if after that same picture Frank’s wife goes to have her ban scanned, that pic won’t be linked because the system won’t register her as part of the Memory Maker share.

Thank you