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Hello. Forum lurker and first time poster. I’m currently leading a share as a newbie and have some questions that I would be greatful if the experts can help answer.

  1. What is the best way to request the payments through paypal?
  2. What is the downside to allowing a first download before the last family leaves the parks? There is about two weeks interval between when the first set of families leave the park and the second set of families enter the park. I kinda feel that making the first set wait for almost three weeks to download their pictures may be unreasonable. Any suggestions/tips. Thanks.

We used email address for PayPal, send money to a friend. I managed my share via a secret FB group. Downloading starts your 30 days ticking away. There will be less time for your late travelers to edit. Also the more downloads you create (zip files) the more unstable the system becomes. It already is as slow As molasses. It’s best to limit to one or two downloads with everyone getting their photos from the my downloads section. It also best to assign an edit window to each travel group.

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I don’t have anything to add here but wanted to welcome you to the forum!

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Thanks AuntB_luvsDisney. In your past shares, how long did it take everyone to edit and download? Did they need all the 30 days?

Thanks for the warm welcome, PrincipalTinker. It’s our first trip to WDW and didn’t know that planning a Disney vacation was a full time occupation.:grinning:


I usually assign everyone 3-4 days as an edit period. The edits can happen before the 30 days starts ticking down. So depending on your share size (mine are 3-5 groups) you will need about 2 weeks for editing. Some people might not need that long and the next person can start early. I always try to get the download and transfer of zip files done at least 7 days before the expiration of the MM. I like some cushion for Disney IT issues. The reason I assign a window for each group is I have noticed if multiple people log into the same account to make changes the system gets glitchy. Total time frame from editing to final download with zip file transfer is 45-30 days depending on how spread out we are. Make sure you have all edits done in the account owning the MM entitlement and ask your people to stop by a photopass site to have only their photos linked from the group photo cards (Jedi training, enchanted tales with bell, etc). This helps keep the account cleaner and free of hundreds “stranger” photos. Remember the more photos the more sluggish the system can be.

I should have said “welcome” as @PrincipalTinker did :blush: sorry for the bad liner manners!

Thanks😀. Can I PM with our important dates when I have our group all set up so you can critique?

Sure. Disclaimer! I have not done a MM share in 2017. My AP covered it when I bought this year.

Thanks. I sent you a PM