Memory Maker Share on HS Band Trip

We’ve got 70 kids and adults for an upcoming trip. I hope to manage a Memory Maker for anyone who wants to join. I think only about 15 people will join, so that’s a manageable group. Can I order bands for everyone and then link the bands myself by making up registrations on my DME? We are not on property, so we will not automatically have bands. If they have a DME of their own, can I keep the bands separate from that by making up dummy info?

They can just ask for a photopass card from the photographer and use that throughout the trip. You add that number (on the back of the card) to your Memory Maker account by using the app to add a card. The pictures will then all be on the account.

I think you can use a Magic Band, but it’s not necessary to use a Memory Maker, except if you’re wanting the picture/video from 7DMT. That’s the only one that requires a MB to claim the pics.