Memory Maker Share Oct/Nov 2018

Hi everyone! I did a MM share for our last trip & it turned out to be a great deal. I am happy to coordinate the share & have the guide on how to do it.

Our trip dates are 10/30-11/6. Anyone interested in joining?


Me :slight_smile: My dates are 10/28-11/1.

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Hi there, I am in a share and we have a fb group set up. My dates are 9/30-10/6. We have 3 in the group but have all agreed that we could take one more. Are your dates in the window of MM share? Thanks!!

I’m interested too. My dates are 11/04-11/08.

Let me know if you get this rolling.


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I actually prefer a bigger group to make it less expensive but thank you!

Great to those interested! I would like to find 2 more to join which drops the price to $30 each. I will keep asking around!

I would love to join! I have taken part in 2 successful shares in the past :slight_smile: My dates are 10/19-10/26; sounds like a fit!


Do you think we will be a go for this share?

Yep! I just figured we would wait until closer to time to purchase in case anyone’s plans change. :slight_smile:

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Great, thank you.

I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss the boat!

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My dates are 10/16 to 10/23. I’ve never shared before, but have seen others posting about it and was hoping that I would come across a group that would work with my timeline. Let me know how this works and I’m in!

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would love to join if you have room
my dates are 10/14 to 10/20

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Hi folks,

The addition of a second trip within 12 months means that I am upgrading to an AP which includes Memory Maker. As a result, I will not be running a share for this time frame. I wanted to give you all a heads up as you still have plenty of time to organize one yourselves. I am happy to help answer questions & share the Memory Maker share guide if someone from this thread wants to take the lead. Thanks for understanding!

Hi All – not sure if there is any room but we are going 10/27 -10/31 and would love to share MM with a few families. Thanks!

I’m going 11/12! Do you think I’m too late? I would love to join!

I posted above, but I actually ended up upgrading to an AP so I am no longer running a MM share. I am happy to share the instructions with you guys if someone else wants to run the share.

would you PM me the share guide.

Can you point me towards the guide?

Has anyone set up a group since BoilerMom got an AP? I’m going 11/9-11/13 and would love to join.

I’m still looking to do this, if I can get 4 or five people interested I’d be willing to run it. Anyone else? My dates are 10/29 - 11/04.