Memory Maker Share Nov - Dec 2016 - Share is full

Hi! We’ll be at Disney World Nov 28th - December 4 and were wondering if anyone would be interested in a memory maker share around those dates.

Hi! We will be there from the 28th thru the 8th. I would be interested in sharing the memory maker. I don’t know a lot about it… how would we share and split the cost? Thanks. Linda

My email is if you want to email me directly. :slight_smile:

Hi Linda,

I was part of a share in May when we went. The lady that did it had an annual pass (memory makers are included free with them) and she organized it, but I think I have the general gist of how it works. One person buys the memory maker if not a season pass holder and the cost is split between the number or people splitting. In our case, there were 4 people splitting. The money is sent to the person that buys the memory maker (or has the annual pass) via paypal and then the code for the memory maker is shared with all the people included in it. Everyone is linked as friends and family (which means you see each others pictures) and at the end of the last trip, you can download all the pictures (you might be able to download as you go, but the lady that set our up asked us not to download until she got back - she was the last person to go). You can view them and edit them as you go. After you download them, you can delete the ones that don’t belong to your family (not before the download though as it will actually delete the persons pictures). It works for people visiting within a 2 to 4 week period from each other and the pictures stay active on the memory maker site for 30 days from the last person’s visit. Let me know if you’re interested.


Hi … we, DH and I, are going in December, in parks from the 11th through 16. Could we get in on this? Thanks!

Absolutely! I’ll order it tomorrow and send out information on sharing it.

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Hi!! Im going form Dec 4-11 with DS10. Also interested on how to share this.

Hi ladies! If you would like to participate in this share, please email me directly at I would like to split it between our family and 3 other families. If we reach that number, the total price would be $35 (150/4) per family. If we only have 3 families total, it would be 50/family Once we have a confirmed number of families, we’ll determine the final cost which can be payed through paypal. Then I’ll send out the confirmation information to link your accounts to mine so you are linked to the memory maker (thus being able to see and download all the pictures from your trip). So excited to be sharing this adventure with you all! Jennifer