Memory Maker Share late Feb/early March

Anyone interested in joining a share for the end of February? Ideally, I’d like the share to being on February 25th.

The one worry I have is that I heard on a podcast of someone who shared access where they accidentally cancelled someone else ADR. From what I understood, this man went to make an ADR, but his app said there was a conflicting reservation at that time. He realized it was for someone else in his party, but hit the cancel button (to cancel his own request). Unfortunately, it canceled the existing ADR.

But, here, I haven’t heard of anyone having problems. So, does opening the dummy account ensure that people don’t accidently screw up someone else’s reservations?

And, what is the ideal number of people to share a MM? Would that be 4 families?

sorry–beginning on Feb 25, not “being”

We are going March 6-12 would love to share, Have done it before with no problems.

Hi there. I’ve just joined a share through the FB group for Liners in February. I will find out if you can join also. Is there a March FB group?

Hi! We will be there Feb 27-Mar 6 if your share is open. :slight_smile:

Hi again. I asked the leader of our share group if you could join, but she had just filled the last slot earlier today. She has your info, though, and if anyone drops out, you are next in line. Have you joined the February liners 2016 FB page? That is where I found my group to share. I really think there will be more people wanting to share in the coming weeks and that you’ll find a group. Also, you could post on the chat a new thread about doing a late feb/early March share.

We will be there Mach 6-12. Have done the share before, works great, let me know if you haven’t joined a group yet.

Hello NKHarris and Grami57!
I have joined a share already. However, there were others like yourselves who have inquired over FB about wanting to do a share. So, you guys could join a share together with those people. Why don’t you put a note on the FB group for Liners February 2016 about wanting to start another MM share. And, put it out on the chat as well. Even 4 groups is enough to make it worthwhile/cost effective.

I am hosting a MM share. End Feb 2016-Begg March. If you are interested, we have 2-3 spots available. Send me your email address if you’d like to join. Thanks, Megan

Hi. Sorry for the late reply, but I’ve already joined a MM share. Thanks for asking, though.


If you still have a spot. I would be interested. We are going to be there February 27th through March 7th.



@Mrs_Darling If you still have room on your MM share, would like to join. My dates are March 5-9.
Thanks! Terri

Hi, if you still have room on your MM share, I’d like to join. My dates are March 10-11. adorachloe(at)

Do you still have a spot open in your MM share? We will be WDW 2/25-2/28/16 and I’d like to try sharing to save $ since we will only be there for a short time. Please email me if you have a spot or know of anyone else with openings at

Hi! I’m looking to share too. My dates are March 10-11. If you found a group and they’re willing to add someone else, please do tell me =)

I guess I’m really late because I haven’t found an open share yet. If I do I will let you know and you do the same. Have a wonderful trip!!

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Let me know soon if you want to share MM, adorachloe. Email me I replied to your email but not sure it went through. I leave in 6(!) days.

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I am going March 10-11. I’d like to share if there are more than 3 people in the group for it to be cheaper than a 1 day MM ($59).

I would love to if its not too late, we are ther March 7-12. Does anyone have space?