Memory Maker Share June/July 2016

I’m looking for two or three other families to share Memory Maker. My trip dates are June 21 to June 26. Ideally, other travelers would be within a few weeks before or after. Don’t want to have overlapping dates. Anyone interested?? I am happy to set it all up Thanks!

Did you post on the June/July facebooks pages? I have good luck getting groups together that way too.

No…how do I find that page?

There is supposed to be a list somewhere on Forum with all the different months but I am not sure where. Ask on chat. I have to head out right now but if you have not found it before I get back, I will help you look.

I’m interested if you are still looking for people…

I am interested. Our dates are June 10-16. I don’t know much about Memory Maker because we haven’t been there in awhile but I did a photopass share “back in the day”. It worked out well. :slight_smile: