Memory Maker Share June 2016

I’m looking for some folks willing to share the cost of Memory Maker. Our dates are June 6th-12th. The only other June share that I saw looks like it’s full.

I might be interested, not sure at all of the details, and not wanting to pay much…went last year and did not use it but had plenty of good pictures…my dates are June 4th-9th…if there is enough people perhaps I would if it cost very little…Do you know how it works?

I could be interested…we are in the park June 12-16th. We are a family of 3. I have never done this and don’t know how it works but I would be willing to do it…Would there be any negative reason to not do it?

So, how would that work…let’s say three families want to share. One of us pays the $149, the other two do pay pal or something similar for $50 each so the cost is $50 per family. Then we all need to be aware that the prints must be downloaded within 30 days of the last person’s last day in the park? Can we link memory maker without linking our tickets and FP, etc? That would be my only worry…going to change my own family’s FP and accidently changing someone else’s.

This is how it’s described in another post:
The basics:

  1. Set up a Ghost MDE account & buy MM, invite yourself…your “real” MDE as a friend.
  2. Find other families & give them the login info for the ghost account, so they can connect their family/friends.
  3. Get reimbursed on PayPal.
  4. Upload all the pics of your family from the Ghost Account within 45 days.
    It works. It’s easy.
    That protects everyone from accidentally accessing someone’s reservations and FP.
    So if we get 3 to share it’s $50, 4 knocks it down to $37.50 which seems far more reasonable than the $150.

I would be willing to join if 4 families is not too many. My dates are June 4 - 8.

Ok, wow, that seems like a great idea KCDennis. I think 4 families would be great. Seems like the three other people who have responded are the 4-9th and 4-8th, I am a bit later than that June 12-16…would that still work? Also can we have a “ghost” MDE account that isn’t linked to Magic Bands and tickets? If it isn’t linked to our Magic Bands (and therefore our tickets and Fastpasses, too) how would we “scan” our bands after the photo to have it sent to the account? Sorry, this will be our first trip since the new Magic Bands and digital fastpasses. I just want to make sure I don’t accidentally screw up another family’s plans/reservations/FP.
I am definitely interested, especially if there are no downsides. For $38 a family, Memory Maker is a no brainer.
Let’s all keep in touch…
and ChrissyPlan

what is full? Obviously, if too many are involved it just becomes more complicated.
As far as you know, would 4 families work?
Looks like we have 4 who are interested on this post.


I think once you connect the other families to the ghost account, then it connects your magic bands to that account as well. Then every time you scan your card for pics, they upload to the ghost account that is just sitting idle. Ideally, I think you would leave the ghost account alone until the last person comes back to remove the threat of unwanted changes. Your real account can still be accessed and modified independent of ours. I believe the 45 day countdown begins from the last day of the first person to leave. That’s gives us 37 days from the last day of the last person to leave to download the photos.

I would love to join also. We are there June 5-12.

Do people think 5 would be too many? I think we wouldn’t want to go any higher or there might be quite a jumble of photos. It looks like we’re all about the same range from June 4th to the 16th. I think we’d have to activate it no later than June 1st to get the advance pricing.

Maybe we can keep this thread active and see who else might want to join. Then we could branch off in smaller groups?? Some people may only want to share with 2 or 3 families to make it less of a jumble. Would that be a better solution?

Looks like we might have a first group with 4 families and then a second group possibly forming with 2red4u and minnie rocks plus possible others. Not sure if this is solid advice or not but I read somewhere that 4 families is a good amount, over that it just starts to get too many.

Have been doing some research and searching old boards. Some key points…
Lead person collects money from the group on Paypal, once all money collected they open a dummy MDE account
Lead person sends a link inviting all members. Everyone should accept.
First family to go down begins to use it, last family uses it and comes back from the trip.
Anyone can go on at any time and “edit” ONLY their photos but do not download until the date chosen on by all members of the group. Typically this would be after the last group returns home.
Once the first download happens, you have 45 days to complete any/all downloads to your own personal hard drives.
Keep the number of members somewhat low because (evidently) each party must download the ENTIRE group’s photos which makes a very large share group hard to deal with. (CAN ANYONE CONFIRM IF THIS IS TRUE?)
Once you have picked through all of your family’s photos and have them stored on your own personal device you would go on and do whatever you want with them…print them, store them, whatever.
Also found this bit of info on a post earlier this year…

“Have all of you used memory maker before? I am happy to answer any questions you have about it or send you a link to a good article explaining it. We have up to 3 days prior to the first persons trip to buy it (although that is cutting it a bit close I think). Then at the end of our respective trips we can edit all our photos and try to call and find ones we don’t see (such as ride photos, sometimes they get lost with multiple parties). We have 45 days from the first downloaded picture to download our photos. For example: If I am the first one to get home and look at/edit my pictures, I will probably wait to download any onto my own computer until more of us have gotten back so we will all have more time to play with our pictures. Editing them does not start a clock of any kind so feel free to edit away, smile”

If you guys end up splitting the group, I would love to join the group in early June. Our dates are mid-May. May 12-16.

Thanks for the research swim95navy. So our photos are saved on photopass, and then we transfer them to Memory Maker to transfer or print? It looks like at this point we might have 6 groups going in June interested.

KCDennis 5-12
Chrissyplan 4-9
swim95navy 12-16
aaeglin 4-8
2red4u 5-12
minnierocks ??

If everyone is interested we could split up in to two groups of 3. Based on the info in another post, it sounds like you
probably don’t want more than 4 families in a group or the total number of pictures will become really large.

NCDad I’m afraid your dates in May are a little early to be a part of one of these groups.


Has anybody set up a dummy account and bought Memory Maker yet? If not, it might indeed be late for me.
However, if this has been done before May 9, I am willing to wait until June to download my pictures (we get 45 days) and still be part of the June group.


I would be interested. Our dates are June 21-26.

KC Dennis, ChrissyPlan, and AAEaglin I sent you a PM (I think…I am new to this board/forum thing) about doing this.

NC Dad—I don’t think this will work out for you since you leave in 2 days and you are within the 3 day window of your trip…meaning you are in the full price zone of $169 I think.

Maybe 2 groups would be good…
The earlier group:

the later group:

If we only have 5 families…would could maybe do 5 …but I think that should be the most…I have heard the downloading can get EXTREME with a large group.

I would like to get a group and get it set up and locked in so it is one more thing off my plate to think about as I approach the end of the school year in the next coupe of weeks (teacher here!). Is anyone willing or able to commit? or lead?

Sorry I posted and ran- craziest time of year in school! For some reason one of my posts posted under my very old chat name. I registered as Minnierocks but years ago I was 2 red4 u, I have no idea what is going on with that!! So just to clarify Minnierocks and 2red4u are the same person and I promise I don’t have a split personality, lol.
But I agree with smaller groups- shoot even 2 families is 50% saving and that’s a great deal!